I am a professional senior video and film editor and cinematographer living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Versatility and adaptability is crucial to creative and technical developement and working in multiple diciplines is essential to fully understanding the art of pictures in motion. My true passion, however, is editing.


Growing up in the film industry (my father is a DOP and my mother a screenwriter) left me with no choice but to fall in love with the craft. The

difficulty lay in choosing the field in which I could make 

my own mark. I found editing to be a skill with which I

could have a defining influence on story, emotion and



I love living and working in South Africa but I am

constantly looking to broaden my horizons and I 

welcome any opportunity whether local or abroad.

In October, 2016, I was awarded membership to S.A.G.E (the South African Guild of Editors).



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The variety of style and content found in television programming can at times pose difficulties to an editor. Deadlines are tight and turnover times are required to be extremely fast. Television, however, remains the perfect field in which to refine your technical prowess whilst developing a unique creative style.



Film, drama and feature documentary editing remains my main passion and ambition. The complexity of story and emotion and the editors ability to sculpt and shape it, is a fascinating and invigorating craft. The technical high-end workflows from set to cinema is also an area in which I am regularly involved and interested in.




Shortform editing and cinematography poses unique challenges to its artists and creators. Having a limited time in which to convey a story, message or emotion places scrutiny on each shot and cut. That being said, it always suprises me how big an impact a well executed short video can deliver.


Who doesn't like working on music videos? You get to break and bend all the rules and put your creative storytelling to the test. The editing needs to compliment the music and overall visual style in order to create the most rewarding end product. 

Editor // Cinematographer

Premiere Pro - Resolve - AVID

After Effects  - Photoshop